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2015 Keeper of the Plains Award - Wichita Cathedral

05/08/2015 04:18:00

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in downtown Wichita has been one of the more unique and challenging projects to date at Basis.

With the original project beginning in 1906 and dedicated on September 19, 1912, The Cathedral has been an icon in downtown Wichita. The striking, single piece columns at the main entrance that were shipped by rail from Chicago frame the ornate bronze doors from Italy. Once inside the baptismal font greets visitors to symbolize the entrance to the church. Above the font is a stunning depiction of the Holy Spirit as depicted in the gospel of Luke. 

Moving past the font, all eyes are drawn to the elaborately decorated sanctuary at the front of the church. This area serves as the focal point during worship and is highlighted by the exquisite alter and tabernacle. Directly above the center of the church is the central dome painted with a depiction of God with outstretched arms welcoming and blessing all who enter. From this vantage point the spectacles of beauty are seemingly unending.

The renovation included repairs to the interior, new artwork throughout, updated HVAC/lighting, as well as major upgrades and additions to the surrounding campus. This project was honored by the Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce at their annual Honors Night with the 2015 Keeper of the Plains Award. The award recognizes an architectural project which has contributed to the beauty of our community. Basis is proud to have been a part of the design team led by Architectural Innovations. Please take this opportunity to watch the video about this project.