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K-State Foundation Being Erected

03/16/2015 11:29:00

Construction is once again underway on the K-State Foundation Building in Manhattan, KS. Several years back construction was halted on the project shortly after the foundation was poured. Many KSU tailgaters have seen the result. The new design combines the old footings with an updated floor plan.

Last fall Basis completed a new HVAC and plumbing design for the updated floor plan. At the corner of Kimball Avenue and Denison, this three-story 60,000 SF building will be the flagship building of the master plan expansion on the north end of campus. Fostering innovation in student intern development, the multi-tenant concept looks to guide future workforce and anchor the Foundation's offices on campus.

Below are a few photos of the progress.


Old meets new:


Steel going up:


Roof curb for one of the two roof top units:


Obligatory shot with Bill Snyder Family Stadium in the background: